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Start of a Journey

When others put their trust in you it is always a great motivator. I'm am delighted to be back in Limerick and at CIAC Tennis. I must say that Catholic Institute has lived up to it's name as 'the friendly club' and I have being welcomed with open arms. My appointment as Head Coach will no doubt bring some changes, which I hope will be seen as positive by current and prospective members.

We will be trying some new things at CIAC Tennis, especially on the junior side and am really looking forward to getting going. Over the last few years I have been fortunate to develop and lead many programmes. These programmes have had some varying outcomes and when I look back I am asking if we did it differently (number of players/coaches, more/less competition, more/less selction of 'talents', more/less physical training, more social time/activities) would our outcomes for players be any different. Definitely YES!

Along this journey with CIAC Tennis I will aim to put in place programmes that give parent's and players the outcomes they want ..... whatever that may be. So expect a few different things on and off court. More assistant coaches, leading to cheaper lessons for parents, players kept with friends more, less rush to win at a young age, players playing more Tennis and some fun off court activities.

Let's see where this journey take us!

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